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"Culture drives great results." - Jack Welch

In order for any organization to be successful, an environment that encourages open communication and contribution must be formed. Only intentionally constructed cultures create great teams. Success requires selflessness, those who put themselves first will not survive and often lead organizations down the path of failure.

Sharing a modified version of a great post from #ProactiveCoaching , here are some things you can expect to see when you observe an effective rehearsal in an intentional built culture of any level:

- Band leaders arrive early, energized and prepared with a drawn out plan of action.

- Band members arrive early, prepared to work and are immediately engaged.

- All members are happy to be present.

- Anything new to the band is taught early in the rehearsal while everyone's minds are fresh.

- Multiple teaching methods are in place to reach different learning styles.

- Quick, exact, detailed corrections.

- Encouraging and fearless atmosphere.

- Members working as hard as possible to perform correctly but not afraid to make mistakes.

- Start on time, stay on time and finish on time.

- Band leaders and members staying afterward for individual help.

On great teams, the rehearsals are often more difficult and demanding than any performance.

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