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Presentation of the Colors...

When the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Ceremonial Guard was founded in 1997 it began with a goal of providing visitation, funeral and burial services for deceased employees. With a handful of members, the first two divisions created were the Color Guard and Honor Guard having our services grow over time to include assisting in special events and community functions.

The Presentation of the Colors is perhaps the most common assignment our Color Guard performs every year. This is one of the best opportunities for us to project a professional, polished image of our department to a large segment of the Mid-South. The Color Guard inspires feelings of pride and patriotism in the public as we present the Colors which consist of the American Flag, State Flag, County Flag and any other departmental flags chosen. To the public, each member of our Guard represents the face of the department and we always strive for perfection.

On each end of the members carrying the Colors you will find two Riflemen. These members of the Guard are assigned the duty of protecting the Colors at all times while they are being presented. Depending on the formation, you will always see a lone member of the Guard either marching beside or in front of the unit. This is usually the highest ranking member of the Guard. At this time Capt. Oscar Harris leads the unit and can be seen to the right of the Guard in the picture at the bottom of last month’s article. If Capt. Is unable to be present for an event the next highest ranking officer will lead the unit. Pictured below is Sgt. Anthony Buckner leading the Ceremonial Guard down Beale Street.

*Photo Credit Phillip van Zandt Photography

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