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Everyday is a chance to become better - and whether you believe you can or can't do so, depending on the effort you put in, you are completely right. Years ago on the David Letterman Show Phil Collins was one of the special guests and decided to show off that he was learning to play the bagpipes. One horrendous rendition of Amazing Grace later Dave asked Phil if the pipes were hard to play, to which he responded "it's not hard to play, just hard to play well."

Lots of things in life can be hard, family, work, any number of things we go through but playing in the band doesn't have to be one of them. With the proper amount practice and the right tools at your disposal, what we do can quickly transition from being hard to being routine and eventually from being routine to being a walk in the park.

Every single top level piper and drummer in the world haven't always played as well as they do now. All of the greats were beginners at some point and are still learning and trying to better themselves every day. Even more so, you may not realize how far you have come with your own playing.

We are all constantly learning and evolving, don't stop now! To borrow a line from Marvel, with great piping and drumming comes great responsibility.

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