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Sharing from #ProactiveCoaching

Accountability – trusting that you think before you act… Consider the possible consequences on all people affected by your actions. See the big picture. Think long term. Be reliable. Accept responsibility for your choices and actions. Keep your word. Honor your commitments. Pay your debts. Don’t make excuses or take credit for other’s achievements. Be a trusted teammate.

Effort and attitude are choices and what we call “owned behaviors”. They are completely in our control and we need to be accountable for them. NEVER compromise effort and attitude.

Peyton Manning said "Being there every week for my teammates is really important to me. It's all about accountability.". Having recently performed at UT Knoxville this quote really stood out to us. Our organization is comprised of full time department employees as well as civilian volunteers and we are blessed by the level of dedication these players bring to the table as they pour countless hours into the band supporting our mission.

With practicing at home, weekly rehearsals and numerous annual events that involve travel, time away from family, massive amounts of hard work and more, the effort and attitude displayed by these members is a major part of what is making our organization that much more successful every day.

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