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The job of any organization's leader(s) is to prepare their members for the process required for success. Success is rarely easy and is never immediate. As with all success, whether in your profession, family, pipe band, etc., you must teach members to expect there to be struggle along the way. We have a very specific set of processes that we use everyday from practicing at home to working at rehearsals to stepping out in public for events and without them we would never make any progress.

In our organization we strive to teach that if you give up on the process, you are giving up on the results. It's important to instill in your members that learning the process is often times more important than success itself.

Sharing from #ProactiveCoaching:

For those of you trying to figure out how to develop a successful team culture and change results:

1) Develop your vision of an intentional culture that works for success and for what is best for the players and organization.

2) Work with your players and band leaders to establish clear performance and relationship standards.

3) Clearly teach the standards so everyone sees the same vision.

4) Enforce the standards consistently with love and respect.

5) Work with those who choose to operate outside the standards and if they don’t change, move on without them.

6) Watch the standards rise and a new normal become reality - winning will follow.

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